marycontrary82 replied to your post: Good morning! :)

Morning! Baby’s awake and kicking, so I’m awake too, lol.

No Baby!contrary, you have to sleep! Mama!contrary is tired!! 

Good morning, dearie!! How are you?

It’s a little too early to say I think :P. But I seem to be ok, and everything seems to be working - I wish I could sleep for another 2 hours though :) How’s your Sunday going? xx

Morning, Dani! Happy Monday.

Hello dear! It’s a very early Monday … *yawn*. Hope your Sunday is going well :) 

Good morning! :)



If the trailer tomorrow is predominantly Gale…



I saw both versions (dubbed in Czech, didn ´t like it, curious about Slovak one this fall.) but you ´re lucky with that young actress:-)

Anything dubbed never compares with the original does it? But yes, a Katniss that “sounds” the age she should be is a welcome surprise :).

We ´ll be getting it this autumn! Should be interesting too:-)

I had no idea it was on. It’s so strange to see it dubbed in Italian - the dialogue is not 100% faithful to the text. Do you see it dubbed or in original language? 

PS Katniss sounds like a real 16 year old though which is a vast improvement lol.

OMG Hunger Games is on TV

Dubbed in Italian but still - getting some Peeta to counteract MJ :) 


I know I should be excited for the trailer tomorrow. Honestly though, LG has just blown the wind from my sails( not even sure I said that right, don’t care). This time last year I was counting days for CF and my excitement level was at a 150%. Right now I’m probably at a -10%.